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This was an enjoyable read as I too have an aversion to PSL.

However, I see the beautiful colors, cooler weather, sweaters & boots as the perks for getting through the school doldrums. I love colder weather and the hot drinks that come with it! This is my time for everything caramel apple flavored and that old time favorite of hot chocolate (just keep the pumpkin spice out of it). There is also a tiny part of me that wishes I could share in the PSL revelry of the season, I just can't seem to get past the taste of pumpkin.

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I'm with you, Marji! I do not miss those morning routines of getting kids off to school. Yet that "back to school" feeling of time to buckle down, organize, and start anew does seem to take over each September --- no PSL required;)

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You seem to be suffering from CHoSy (Conforming Hosiery Syndrome). The pressure to match socks is a deep-state conspiracy. Wear mismatched socks in public. At work. Go ahead. In addition to being a conversation starter, it's liberating. And also the cure for all those "orphaned" by the dryer. Win-win-win.

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