Marji, meeting you has been one of the many joys in my life. Staying in touch has brought me infinitely more joy 😘❤️

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I love your acceptance of a habit that makes you human. Beautiful sharing ❤️

And, it reminds me of my own habit. I have probably at least 200 pens here at home, scattered about the house in a variety of coffee mugs and drawers. What I finally figured out about 10 years ago is that when I am stressed, I ogle pens. (There is probably something very Freudian in that LOL). I can’t walk out of Staples without a visit to the pen aisle. Visiting art fairs involves searching for the artisan who crafts pens. When my mom passed away, I knowingly, consciously bought 12 fountain pens to self soothe.... Needless to say, my husband has something to say about that. Nowadays, I can indulge and walk away. (BTW, not just Staples, but Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, etc. wherever one pens are sold 🙃).

There is something neat, precise, mindful and somatic putting pen to paper. There is less joy in typing on a screen. Having a multitude of pens (mostly fountain pens nearby) gives me a sense of a little bit more control, a hobby to enjoy. Realizing when it is a reaction to stress helps me be kinder to myself. As it sounds like you are, too. ❤️❤️❤️

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